Exceeding Expectations

As a large, local CPA firm, TJT has the capacity and the capability to offer a variety of services to our clients.  Our clients expect us to be knowledgeable in a variety of accounting fields and we deliver upon those expectations.  It is our goal not just to deliver an expected product like an audit report or a corporate tax return, but rather to deliver valuable business and accounting advice throughout the year.

One of our corporate tax clients may need a 401K audit done that year due to growth of their company and they need look no further than the team at TJT.  We have clients that expand operations into foreign countries and through our affiliation with AGN, we are prepared to deal with those international accounting and tax issues.

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At Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A., we provide a wide range of assurance and attestation services. Our audit methodology has been developed using a risk-based approach. We design our audit strategy around the size and nature of our client’s business. Our team has extensive industry knowledge across a wide variety of industries.

Our audit and attestation team provides the following services:

  • Audits
  • Reviews
  • Compilations
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Fraud examination / forensic services

Consulting services at Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A. come in two types: direct and indirect. Direct consulting occurs when the client receives the valuable advice as their primary deliverable (see list below) and indirect when the client receives the advice in addition to some other accounting service they have contracted for. Firms can only offer this latter service if their people really know and understand the client’s industry and business. We hire, train, and groom people to be able to do just that. The firm helps its clients make use of the financial data, uncovered by the firm, to make better business decisions. In many cases, the firm’s accountants will point out the trend or direction to management. However, we always leave the ultimate decisioning process where it belongs – with our client’s management team.

Concerning direct consulting, the firm offers the following to solo practitioners, partnerships, non- publicly traded corporations, and non-profit organizations:

  • New business formation
  • Entity selection
  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Succession planning
  • Sale of the business
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Accounting policies and procedures

Proper estate planning allows our clients to provide for themselves now and their families and heirs in the future. Whatever your category of need, our firm has it covered. We use team approaches and can even bring in selected planning partners to ensure that all our clients’ needs are served. Our range of expertise encompasses gifting techniques, charitable gifting strategies as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the evolving federal estate tax laws and regulations. We work with our partners in the financial planning industry to provide you with a complete plan for your estate and financial planning. We work with you to make sure that you take full advantage of the yearly gifting exclusion as well as the lifetime gift exclusion. Our team can partner with you to help you select the most advantageous charitable gifting strategies which will allow you a tax break now and benefit your selected charity in the future. Our goal is to keep your estate tax burden as low as possible while at the same time passing assets on to your desired recipient.

The fraud and forensic accounting team at Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P. A. offers a unique and specialized type of service. Our team can help you examine your business with a discerning eye.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Fraud examination and investigation
  • Uncovering embezzlement of funds
  • Expert witness testimony and deposition
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency analysis
  • Vendor relationship and conduct investigation
  • Hidden assets and hidden income investigation

Solid financial analysis supported by proven forensic/litigation experience can be very beneficial in the negotiation and ultimate resolution of complex litigation if taken to the courtroom. Call on the experts at Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P. A. if you have concerns about any of these issues.

The Information Security group at Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A. provide a variety of services focused on the security of information and technology assets. Our InfoSec group is experienced in identifying technical, physical, and organizational risks and can provide recommendations to help clients better secure themselves. We also provide security-awareness training to educate employees on safe-computing practices.

Our assessments can be tailored to best fit your organization, focusing on the most likely areas of risk. Upon conclusion a clear and detailed report is produced which includes a summary of steps taken to infiltrate company systems, missing/ineffective controls, action-items to secure the business organized in a timeline based on severity, and technical data to assist with remediation.

TJT Information Security Services has its own website: TJTSec.com.

Information Security services can assist you with the following:

  • Penetration Tests
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Security Assessments
  • Phishing Simulations
  • Security Awareness Training

For more information on ways that Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A. may assist you with your Information Security needs, please contact: Drew Green, CISSP, MCSE, CEH.

With this set of services, our clients can have a virtual accounting department without hiring anyone or adding to their payroll. We bring an experienced team to our clients’ accounting needs that can customize its services according to the specific needs of the client. The outsource team can do anything for a client that its own accounting department could do. This full-range of services includes:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Cash management
  • Payroll processing with tax report filing
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Accounts payable/purchase orders
  • Accounts receivable/sales orders
  • Job costing

The division performs services for businesses that look for a more cost-effective approach to financial management. Clients reap the benefit in their operations by reducing overall expenses, obtain stronger financial planning, and maintain better cash management. The division specializes in multi-location businesses, e.g., franchises, emerging concept or established restaurants, and multi-purpose businesses, as well as highly tailored plans for small to medium enterprises of any industry, or market served, as well as not-for-profit organizations.

The division provides full-service accounting, backed by the support of a well-trained staff, and the most advanced information systems for business planning and reporting. Whether the need is for compatibility with your existing information systems, or our ability to take over the entire process, we are poised to provide you with a complete accounting system without the traditional overhead and expense; better reporting, and reduced costs are realized from the start.

Visit Our Outsource Accounting Website

Intuit Certified ProAdvisor and Quickbooks LogoAt Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P. A. our team of certified Quickbooks® Pro Advisors can lead you through the a first time set up of your Quickbooks software and get you and your business up and running without delay. We are experienced with Quickbooks consultation and problem solving. Our team can answer questions via phone or email or even come out to your office for trouble-shooting. We perform quarterly and year-end reconciliations as well as payroll filings and 1099s. For many clients, we will do an interim review of your company’s transactions and help you correct those transactions so your financial data is as accurate as possible. In addition, we are trained in the use of Quickbooks Enterprise and all related applications. We support Quickbooks for both Mac and Windows.

Both business and personal income taxation laws and regulations become increasingly complex with the passing of each year. Our team stays on top of the changing laws and technical rulings in order to provide our clients with the most current advice. Our team will make sure that you take advantage of any deductions allowable while staying compliant with the regulations. As your business grows, we will work with you to ensure that your expansion is matched by our service to your business. We are experienced with multi-state issues and will work to make sure that your growing business stays compliant with all state regulations and filing requirements.

Providing excellent taxation service is so much more than just annual tax preparation and filing. We work with you throughout the year, generating tax forecasts and planning appropriately to minimize your tax burden when filing season arrives. Excellent client service is not created with a cookie cutter – we will shape our services to the specific needs of your business or you personally.

Some of the service areas we cover as your taxation specialist include:

  • Preparation of all applicable returns
  • Entity Selection
  • Taxation aspects related to the purchase or sale of business
  • Multi-State taxation
  • Selection of accounting methods
  • Like kind exchanges
  • Tax and property settlement consulting
  • Charitable gift strategies
  • Cost segregation
  • Income tax credits
  • Net operationg loss carrybacks
  • Representation during federal and state audits