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Resources for our clients

Below are the topics we get the most questions about - we've put our answers to these questions in one place for you.

Communicating with Us
  • Don't send sensitive documents via email - we have a secure portal for documents with confidential and personal information
  • If you know the number of your service provider call them directly.
  • Our main number, office locations are found on our contact page
Sending us Information
  • For general communications email is fine but to send us sensitive information use our Secure online portal
  • For printable instructions on how to use our portal see the link at the top of the page and the reousrces b
How We Send information to You

We communicate with you on your terms - let us know how you want us to communicate with you whether in person, on the phone, video chat or by email.

We have secure email capabilities for sensitive information and can send large amounts of files to you to download from our client portal.


How we keep your information safe

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Downloadable Resources

Print and Download the following for docs referenced on this page