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How To Apply For Social Security Benefits

Social security benefits applications are not hard to send using the internet or by personally going to any social security office in the city where you live. These applications can also be completed using the telephone – so the question is why is everyone so frightened when hearing about them? What makes social security benefits daunting is not the actual application part, but rather the things one needs to do beforehand. Namely, the gathering of all the required papers, deciding whether you are eligible and so on.

The Eligibility Factor

Individuals need to belong to a certain age group in order to be naked eligible for these benefits they also need to have earned sufficient social security credits received while working and paying their taxes. People who stop working will stop receiving credits until the day hey retrn to their workplace. Earning 40 credits after 10 years of work is mandatory for anyone interested in getting social security benefits.  

The Ideal Time For Retirement?

Deciding when to retire is a completely personal choice that belongs to you and your family. If you feel you are ready to enjoy your retirement years and play casino games or walk your grandsons all day long and you have reached the right retirement age, there is nothing stopping you from doing it. Social security benefits will stand for 40 percent of the income you have earned before retiring, and this makes for a critical decision factor for many. When reaching the age of 62 you will be allowed to draw social security benefits counting for 25 percent of the same income. Delayed retirement will boost our benefits by a certain percentage that will depend on your birth year. There is also the opposite case when one is forced to retire earlier because of health issues. Applying for social security disability benefits is highly recommended in this particular case.

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