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Electronic Tax Payment Options for Individuals

Today’s world is becoming more and more electronically driven and individual tax payments are no exception.

In response, the Internal Revenue Service as well as the North Carolina Department of Revenue have developed online payment systems which allow taxpayers to pay estimated tax payments, amounts due with return filing, extension payments or even amounts due based on notices.

The IRS electronic payments system permits two types of payments; one allows for a one time payment with no registration, the second allows for registration that links your bank account and to set up payments days, weeks or even months in advance. The benefit of registering is that the taxpayer can go back and view their payment history.

See the attached links for information on making electronic payments to the IRS:

The NCDOR allows only for a one time payment system without registration requirement.
See the following link to make payments to the NCDOR:

Both agencies allow for the taxpayer to use their bank account and remit payments with no additional fees. Both also allow for a credit card to be used but have fees associated with the payment method. Taxpayers have until 5pm the day before payments are due to initiate payments to be considered timely.

Please contact our office if you have questions about electronic payments.

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