Founded in 1990

The Triangle-based CPA firm of Thomas, Judy & Tucker was founded in September of 1990 by Cliff Thomas, Chris Judy and David Tucker.  Each of these gentlemen worked together previously at the Raleigh CPA firm of Smith, Allen & Hodge. The firm’s first office was located at 16 Rowan Street in Raleigh.  Diane Eller was the first employee of the firm and she started work on Tuesday, September 4th.  Joette Crews joined the firm one week later.  These ladies continue to work for the firm to this very day.
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  Gilbert Smith was a key advisor to the firm in its early days and was instrumental in bringing David Johnson to the firm in 1992.  David was named partner in 1997. That same year David Tucker founded the outsource accounting division of the firm and continues to lead that department. Kristen Hoyle joined TJT as an audit manager in 1998 and was named an audit partner in 2001.  In September of 2001 the firm moved into new space at 4505 Falls of Neuse Road.  Caroline Abbott, Jeff Brovet and Jim Tiller joined the firm in the later 2000’s and were all named partners in 2009. Due to continued growth, the firm moved into new office space at 4700 Falls of Neuse Road in order to accommodate the 100+ employees.  Geri Lail joined the firm in 2004 and was named partner in 2015. Geri headed up the expansion of TJT as we opened our Durham office in early 2016. Thomas Crawford was named as a tax partner in 2017 after working with the firm for four years. Our firm is fortunate to celebrate a couple of traditions that have existed from the very first year of the firm.  Every Friday morning, a different employee brings in breakfast for all employees.  This allows an opportunity for employees to gather informally and fosters an atmosphere of a tight knit family.  At the annual  Christmas party, if an employee has had their first child born during that year, the employee receives a set of children’s Bible stories for their child.